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  • Industry leader for 15 years
  • Sales revenue 11 million $
  • Present in 15 countries
  • Employees 40
  • Number of stores 4500
  • SKUs managed 1.5 Billions/year

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RFID Benefits In Retail and Distribution

Before RFID After RFID
63% Inventory Accuracy 95%
64.6% Customer Satisfaction 71.7%
16.5% Store out-of-stock 9.8%
17.8% Shrinkage 11.8%
8.9% Profit Margin 14.3%

01. Stock Reliability & Restocking

Stock reliability > 95%

Quick and efficient stock take

  • 100 of items read in 1 second
  • Several feet distance read
  • Count through boxes and containers
  • Increase stock take occurrence
  • Each item has unique ID - read once

From 1 stock take every 6 MONTHS to 1 stock take EVERY DAY

"Cuts cycle count times by 96%"
Barcode - one item at a time
RFID - hundreds of items at once

“Speed is key”

RFID allows your staff to focus on customer assistance

02. Operational KPIs

Operational KPIs insights

  • Optimal replenishment times and quantities
  • Provides real-time replenishment alerts (avoid NOSBOS situations)
  • New KPI’s for fitting room conversion rates
  • Fraud identification on eCommerce, grey market and consumer claims


  • Because you do regular stock take
  • Because you have the exact last seen location
  • Because you have the right product at the right location
  • Because no more NOSBOS situations

03. Fast and accurate logistic operations

40 sec > 3 sec

Quick and efficient stock take

  • Exception-based scanning and goods receiving processes
  • Acceleration of inbound or outbound goods processing
  • Expiry date or FIFO management

Receptions or
transfers made in

Search & pick
< 2 min

04. Reliable omnichannel Services

  • Entire network of stock open to all customers: even the stores inventory, not only the central warehouse
  • 99% accuracy delivering on promises: as your displayed accurate quantities
  • Stores as mini distribution centers: real-time click and collect or Ship-from-store
  • Live item reservation from web orders: real time staff notification
  • Online/Offline connected experience

05. Customer Satisfaction

Stock visibility / reservation live

Collection time

Collection time

Better customer experience

  • In-store/in-warehouse fast product localization
  • Fast checkout at POS: no more hard tags, no more scans
  • Showing availability in other stores real time

85% abandon a
purchase without
prompt assistance

06. Loss/shrinkage prevention

17.8% > 11.8%

  • RFID labels can function as security tags
  • Prevents theft both customer and employee (can be gate alarms or silent notification on security guard mobile with item description)
  • Supplies accurate data on shrinkage
  • Reduce labor cost of adding and removing traditional security tags