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Up to 25%


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Seamless Integration with any ERP & POS in less than 30 days

01. Pre-Season

  • Merchandise planning
  • Commercial planning
  • Deep clustering
  • Design variation planning
  • Assortment planning
  • Sales planning
  • Initial allocation
  • Open To Buy

02. In-Season

  • Avoid stock-outs (alerts...)
  • Manage excess products
  • Stock balancing & reodering proposals
  • Automated forecasts and suggestions
  • Improve cash flow
  • Lifecycle prediction/item/store
  • Replacement and cannibalization management
  • Product mix analysis
  • Product life cycle management
  • Sell-through alerts
  • Sales slow down/speedup alerts
  • VM management
  • In-season new item introduction proposals
  • promotion management
  • AI prediction restocking proposals

03. Sales Team Management

  • KPI management
  • Manage shifts
  • Individualized advice and guidance

01. Pre-Season : The solution for Merchandise Planning

Pre-Season helps you manage your purchases as well as automates collection planning by maximising financial results and customer satisfaction.

When creating a new assortment plan, Pre-Season suggests the best decisions based on machine learning. It also allows you to create different scenarios to simulate the results.

Besides, our Expert Retail Consultants will work with you on a daily basis to advise on every aspect of your business expansion planning.

If you can dream it, we achieve it



  • Your assortment focused on satisfying the demand of your customers, with the ideal number of models in each category
  • Higher rotation by optimizing the horizontality and depth of the assortment
  • Reduced investment in inventory
  • Higher sales with bigger margins
  • Increased productivity of planners
  • Ongoing advice from our consultants

Main Functionality

  • Commercial Planning
  • Deep Clustering
  • DV Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Purchase List
  • Initial Allocation
  • Open To Buy

02. In-Season : We optimize the stock at each of your stores

Predicting demand is the key to success in managing product lifecycle, as accurate forecasts set the course for the whole sales season

This enables you to avoid lost sales due to stockouts, increase margins by not doing any unnecessary promotions, and reduce overstocks.



  • Immediate improvement in cash flow by reducing overstocks
  • Better margin by raising full-price sales and avoiding the need for markdowns
  • Lower logistical costs
  • Drastic reduction in sales lost due to stock-outs
  • Speedy and simple implementation.
  • Ongoing advice from our consultants

Main Functionality

  • Dashboard for managing KPIs: Our KPIs (product mix, inventory turnover, payback, GMROII and potential lost sales from stock outages)
  • Lifecycle prediction per product/store (up to 52 weeks)
  • Reordering proposal
  • Replacement Product Management
  • Cannibalization
  • Detailed automatic calculations of lost sales (products/stores)
  • In-Season product mix analysis
  • Stock-out alerts
  • Store capacity alerts
  • Sell-through alerts (Sellthru)
  • Sales slowdown and speedup alerts
  • Dynamic reports


  • Visual Merchandising management
  • In-Season introduction proposal for new products
  • Stock balancing proposals (different rules for each model)
  • Promotion management
  • Automated prediction-driven restocking proposal for stores
  • Shortage restocking management
  • Overstock analysis
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Variable coverage management
  • Ideal stock proposal for new stores
  • Product and store seasonality management
  • Returns management proposal

03. Sales Team Management : You can easily manage your sales team's targets and offer daily suggestions on how to reach them.

With this solution you will be able to manage your stores and your sales team’s objectives easily, enhancing their efficiency.

Our virtual coach sends suggestions each day directly to your sales team, with the most efficient tactics for them to reach and pass their targets.

Our solution also lets you manage shifts in the stores and create fairer targets using an automatic allocation that takes working hours, absence and vacation into account.

It also calculates the sales team’s commissions with all the variables which are defined.

Close to your sellers at all times



  • Managing point of sale results through quantitative and qualitative KPIs.
  • Improved execution of business strategies.
  • Simplification and optimization of team management: targets, shifts, vacations, etc
  • Increased sales through up-selling and cross-selling
  • Ongoing advice from our consultants.

Main Functionality

  • Quantitative and qualitative indicator management: BS, UPT, AV, CR and ideal mix. Fair distribution of the budget per salesperson. Different targets according to salesperson level.
  • Commissions and bonuses based on achievement and KPIs.
  • Creating reports for sales managers.
  • Management of shifts, vacations and absences.
  • Cross-selling analysis
  • Analysis and measurement of results.
  • Suggestions for the sales team using our Virtual coach.