IT Solutions for Retail, Supply Chain, and Distribution

We help companies with their digitalization strategy, enhance operations and omnichannel customer experience while keeping track on loss prevention. Technology is a must-have, we  improve processes through implementation of inventory and warehouse management systems, forecasting planning tools or stock accuracy apps. We cover the whole flows, from production up to the retail POS. Our whole team is working from Dubai and have operations in Europe and central Asia.

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What We Do?

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IT Consultancy

We’ve been there. We get it. We’re team of global Supply Chain and Retail IT veterans. We focus on what you NEED not just what you WANT.
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Implementation & Development

We simplify tech and tailor IT solutions that grow with you. From training to go-live, our Dubai team is guiding you through every change, making sure you’re Anticipating, not just Reacting!
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Maintenance, support, hosting

Round-the-clock support from the UAE, range of SLAs, and seamless data hosting—locally or globally. We bring simplicity to IT & Retail, because technology should work for you, not the other way around.
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Integration & Interface Monitoring

We’re the connectors. Our inhouse devs integrate every piece of IT with ANY ERP. We connect innovation with operations to empower your team to focus on what matters most.
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Staff additional supply for warehouse projects

From last-minute changes to comprehensive logistics services like labeling, warehouse arrangement, and RFID implementation, we ensure your warehouse operations never miss a beat.

Our Solutions

we don’t just bring global innovation to you local operations. we customize and combine cutting-edge tech into one simple solution to make complex retail, supply chain, warehouse, and distribution operations manageable for everyone!

Barcode counting solution

Datascan, a leading global provider of self-scan inventory solutions for more than 50 years, in over 42 countries, is now available through Altavant, in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. We’ve carefully adapted Datascan’s best-in-class Inventory management and counting technology to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, providing real-time data and empowering your team to optimize stock levels, prevent loss and minimize shrinkage. Datascan’s user-friendly mobile app allows your team to conduct accurate, on-demand inventory counts with ease.

Frequentiel Logo RFID technology

Frequentiel, Europe’s leading expert in RFID software and mobile solutions for over 10 years, offering everything you need to adopt RFID-based item-level tracking under a single roof. empowering you with comprehensive tools for omnichannel retail, enabling the ‘Sell Everything, Everywhere’ philosophy. In partnership with Altavant, we extend these powerful technologies to the Middle East, Europe and Asia, fostering seamless integration and enhancing efficiency across manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. Software + hardware

Slimstock Logo AI-Powered Supply Chain Planning

Since its inception in 1993, Slimstock has been at the forefront of supply chain management, providing innovative solutions that drive business growth. Trusted by over 1,500 companies globally, Slimstock’s expertise ensures you can achieve optimal efficiency and sustainability in your supply chain operations.

Dart Vader Logo Stocktake scheduler and tracker

Discover the future of inventory management with Dart Vader, your one-stop shop for flawless inventory management. Simplify your inventory counts across operational, financial, and HR dimensions. Dart Vader offers a 360° view of your inventory in real time, ensuring every aspect of inventory control is covered under one roof. From full inventory counts and cycle counts to fixture tagging and floor planning, our solution integrates seamlessly with your systems.

The Clients we are working with

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How our Inventory Management Consulting works?

This is our typical 4 phases journey with Altavant to improve operations and supply chain processes

Phase 1

The diagnostic Full stocktake

We provide a full outsourced inventory audit to identify the root cause of your inventory discrepancies, laying the foundation for future stock accuracy

Phase 2

The medicine Cycle counts and WMS

“Count yourself, count better, count more often.” We empower your team with our user-friendly SAAS, or choose to Rent our custom-made scanners. One of the best way to avoid discrepancies is also to have a powerfull WMS tracking all movements realtime.

Phase 3

The stabilization RFID

Track everything and everywhere realtime with RFID. Become future-proof and get a >99% stock availability all year long. handle your stock takes in minutes, improve the efficiency of your customer experience in warehouse and retail store thanks to RFID.

Phase 4

The anticipation A.I. planning tool

We cover 360º of the retail management process: planning, allocation, assortment, purchasing, commercial plan, replenishment and transfers, among many others. Using Artificial Intelligence we provide a more efficient omnichannel stock control, that reduces lost sales and prevents overstocking.

Your options for Stock Control Management

We offer flexible offers to allow you to have efficient stocktake adapted to your SOPs and budget. We are integrated with any ERP, reports are realtime. Our OPEX formulas:

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100% outsourced stocktake

Our software, our scanners, our team. We come, we count, we push the file to your ERP. Let us handle the auditing part while you focus on your operations.

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Self-scan stocktake

Our software and scanners shipped to your location, your team counting. (we can provide a supervisor to ensure the accuracy of the count)

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SAAS stock take solution

Your team and your scanners, our software