Migrate to Next Level Efficiency and Profitability with RFID
See Tangible Returns Fast

99% 99% Accuracy in stock levels
5% Reduce operational costs by 3-5%
7% Increase revenue by 2-7% within the first year
100% Achieve full ROI in just 3 years or less
10% Reduce labor by up to 10%, enhancing efficiency
RFID Software RFID Hardware RFID Services

RFID Software Designed for Selling Everything, Everywhere

Frequentiel OCTO+ is a best-in-class RFID software platform designed to enable retailers to create the needed item-level inventory foundation for their transition to unified retail. For over 10 years, it has enabled leading retailers to gain inventory superpowers and Sell Everything, Everywhere.
  • Capture, consolidate, and distribute millions of item-level data points.
  • Based on EPC standards, designed to scale.
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly within your IT environment, making it an ideal RFID retail solution.
Frequentiel solution - Store icon Store
Frequentiel solution - Ecommerce icon Ecommerce
Frequentiel solution - Warehouse icon Warehouse
Frequentiel solution - Factory icon Factory
Frequentiel solution - Avoid Stockouts icon Avoid Stockouts
Frequentiel solution - ENSURE planagram and marchandising complianc icon ENSURE planagram and marchandising complianc
Frequentiel solution - Receive Descrepancy Alerts icon Receive Descrepancy Alerts
Frequentiel solution - Reorder Automatically icon Reorder Automatically

Save Every Sale with OCTO+

A 360°, real-time view of inventory tracks every item so you know that every article is where it should be — whether it’s on order, in the stockroom or on the retail floor. From now on, you will never lose a sale.
  • Avoid stockouts.
  • Ensure planogram and merchandising compliance.
  • Receive discrepancy alerts.
  • Reorder automatically.
This is part of our comprehensive RFID retail solutions.
Icon for RFID technology merges the digital and in-store shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction wherever they shop. Now you can:

Satisfy Customers, Across All Channels

  • Gain the inventory superpowers you need to sell everything, everywhere.
  • Free staff to focus on more important tasks like customer interactions.
  • Enjoy point-and-shoot simplicity.
Icon for Universal inventory and retail management with item-level tracking creates new data on product movement and shopper behaviors. With our RFID technology solutions you can:

Gain Insights, Everywhere

  • Quickly replenish stocks of top-selling items.
  • Optimize merchandising and assortment.
  • Enhance staff efficiency in inventory management.
  • Collect fitting room and POS analytics.
Icon for RFID performs inventory counting 100 times faster than barcodes, covering all of your stock as opposed to periodic or cycle counts. No more closing the store seasonally or twice a year for physical inventory.

Stocktaking with wave of the hand

  • Quicker and requires less manpower.
  • More accurate & precise data.
  • Track your inventory in real-time
  • Eliminates disruptions to merchandising or the need to close the store.
  • report on the NOSBOS scenarios (items present in the stockroom but not displayed on the sales floor).
Icon for OCTO+ inventory apps remember items they've scanned before. This means you can scan items without having to physically isolate them from the others.

Smart Scanning Apps

  • Quickly locate misplaced items using “needle-in-the-haystack” searches.
  • Automatically identify and spot stock-count discrepancies.
  • Keep working even if there’s no internet connection.
  • Use the app on all and any devices.
  • عمليات فحص استثنائية وعمليات استلام البضائع
  • RFID asset tracking features ensure accurate tracking and precise inventory management.
Icon for Eliminating shrinkage from human mistakes, loss, or theft is straightforward with RFID tagging. It automatically helps you:

Enhance Loss Prevention

  • Systematize anti-theft tagging.
  • Take proactive steps in loss prevention.
  • Tackle other types of shrinkage effectively.
  • Compatible with EAS (anti-thefts gates) and other loss-prevention systems.

Future-Ready and Scalable

OCTO+ is built on standards, scalable, and tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, propelling your business into the future.

Top-Quality Hardware Selection

We support over 2,000 sites with our robust hardware solutions, utilizing over 20,000 readers and terminals. Our hardware offerings include:
  • Mobile terminals (PDAs) and tablets
  • Scanning guns and alphanumeric devices
  • Mobile carts (such as stands, workstations, and picking carts)
  • Printers/encoders for tags
  • Automated conveyor belt systems (mechanized tunnels)
  • Routers, access points, and antennas
  • Overhead sensors for precise tracking
  • In-warehouse/in-store location systems
  • Connected Retail rack, shelves, trays…
  • Palletized applications (on-wood applications)
  • Shipping containers (active, all weather, on-metal applications)
We also assist in choosing the right consumables for your project, whether you need paper-based, plastic, or hardened tags.

Simplifying hardware so RFID can be accessible to you

Dealing with hardware can be complex, especially with the fast-paced changes in track-and-trace, inventory, and mobility applications. With Frequentiel we will take care of all RFID hardware and network complexity for you. Frequentiel maintain relationships with a broad range of manufacturers to not only source and support, but also finance and rent the ideal RFID hardware tailored to your specific needs.
Frequentiel - sec4-turnkey.svg

Turnkey Hardware Management

Our turnkey approach includes fleet management, technical support, and after-sales services.
  • User training and change management.
  • User provisioning, remote RFID hardware configuration, and supervision.
  • Remote and on-site support to address any issues swiftly.
  • Auditing and upgrade planning.
Frequentiel - sec4-flexible.svg

Flexible Financing Plans

Frequentiel offers adaptable purchase and leasing plans to fit your needs, featuring:
  • Selection of specialist financial partners.
  • Cost effective upgrade and part-exchange plans.
  • Access to both new and refurbished RFID equipment.
  • Transparent & straightforward maintenance and repair costs.
Frequentiel - sec4-equipment.svg

Equipment Rental Services

We provide a versatile selection of equipment for rent.
  • Own what you need daily, rent what you need during peak activity periods.
  • Try out new devices before the purchase.
  • Short and long-term rental plans.
  • wide range of RFID and barcode solutions to choose from.

End-to-End Support For Guaranteed Success

Our Professional Services team ensures the successful implementation of your OCTO+ project and RFID deployment. Frequentiel stands out with its comprehensive approach, combining systems integration, RFID technology solutions, and retail expertise all under one roof

Our team’s expert services span:

Datascan sec5-1st-row-project-management.svg

Project management, solution architecture and RFID system integration.

Datascan sec5-1st-row-user-training.svg

User training and change management to RFID technology applications.

Datascan sec5-1st-row-reliable-support.svg

Reliable support and maintenance from Dubai.

Datascan sec5-1st-row-system-and-infra.svg

Systems and infrastructure audits across all sectors of activity.

Datascan sec5-1st-row-line-of-business.svg

Line-of-business consulting to optimize RFID inventory management tools and processes.

Datascan Admin Feature - Retail Expertise for Digital Transformation icon

Retail Expertise for Digital Transformation

Frequentiel is home to retail experts who have in-depth experience in digital transformation and project management. We understand your existing retail and supply-chain processes. We can help implement all the latest next-generation in-store and omnichannel workflows to help you achieve your customer experience goals with latest RFID retail solutions.

Datascan Admin Feature - Software and Systems Integration Skills icon

Software and Systems Integration Skills

We benefit from years of experience deploying OCTO+ and integrating it with a various supply chain, retail and ecommerce solutions. Warehouse and Inventory Management, ERP, Point of Sale, and Loss Prevention systems — Frequentiel integrates seamlessly with everything and connect with all your business functions.

Datascan Admin Feature - RFID Knowhow icon

RFID Knowhow

Successful RFID implementation must take into account network infrastructure and store layout. Our team at Frequentiel, seasoned with RFID technology applications, navigates the complexities of RFID hardware, including its technical possibilities and constraints. We ensure your setup meets all RFID infrastructure requirements and assist in navigating the technical landscape, optimizing your RFID warehouse management system.

RFID Solutions for Retail

The Path to Unified Retail

The customer journey and stock management are getting increasingly complex, as is the end-to-end journey of your stock. In an era of one-hour delivery and omnichannel expectations, improved stock accuracy and visibility are no longer a luxury – they are essential.

Everything You Need for Effective RFID Implementation

As the European leader in RFID services and software, Frequentiel equips retailers with all the tools necessary for successful item-level RFID inventory tracking projects:
  • OCTO+, our scalable item-level RFID software, is specially designed for retail.
  • OCTO+ offers extensive functions connecting seamlessly with old and new systems, includes user-friendly apps, and supports innovative omnichannel retail scenarios.
  • Expert retail, software integration and RFID professional services.
  • Hardware solutions are fully maintained, serviced and financed.
Icon for

RFID Software Tailored for Retail

OCTO+ stands as the premier RFID software platform for retail, crafted to ensure continuous, real-time stock visibility and to help retailers sell everything, everywhere.
  • Implement innovative omnichannel retail scenarios.
  • Capture, consolidate, and distribute millions of events and data sets across diverse RFID devices and IoT frameworks.
  • Boost revenue and operational efficiency due to improved visibility, accuracy, and control of end-to-end inventory flows – from factory to storefront.
  • Simplify routine tasks and thus enable your staff to focus on the customer.
  • Gain the data and insight to constantly improved performance..
Icon for

Developed Around Your Current Systems

Achieve a unified, real-time view of your manufacturing and logistic operations to enhance efficiency, quality control, reliability, and decision-making:
Our customers in Retail
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-5.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-6.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-retail-customer-7.svg
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RFID Solutions for Industry and Manufacturing

Achieve Agile Manufacturing

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to simplify their processes. But they also need to boost reactivity and flexibility to thrive in increasingly volatile markets. With Frequentiel’s item-level RFID inventory tracking solutions, manufacturers enjoy enhanced reliability and adaptability in their processes.

Enhancing Process Reliability

Our RFID and IoT solutions provide enhanced visibility, tracking and control of equipment, personnel, raw material and finished goods.
  • Automatically Track and trace all your crates, bags, pallets, and containers – including refrigerated applications.
  • Geolocate shipping containers to monitor their movement.
  • Eliminate or simplify manual processes.
  • Enhance asset management.
  • Improve overall efficiency and turnaround time.
Icon for

Gain Operational Flexibility

Achieve a unified, real-time view of your manufacturing and logistic operations to enhance efficiency, quality control, reliability, and decision-making:
  • Monitor & track on-site logistics flows (raw material, semi-manufactured and finished goods, crates, bags, pallets, containers).
  • Track production details like (production orders, batch and article numbers).
  • Optimize stock management for better resource allocation.
  • Enhance picking and shipping.
  • Implement real-time alerting and anomaly detection.

Unlimited Analytics

OCTO+, our item-level tracking software, allows you to get new data, which can be used to improve your operational performance.
Datascan rfid-for-manufacturing-unlimited-analytics-1.svg

Track field maintenance and service calls

Datascan rfid-for-manufacturing-unlimited-analytics-2.svg

Anomaly detection and alerting

Datascan rfid-for-manufacturing-unlimited-analytics-3.svg

Comprehensive out-of-the-box reports

Datascan rfid-for-manufacturing-unlimited-analytics-4.svg

Seamless integration with third-party analytics applications

Our customers in Manufacturing
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-5.svg
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-manufacturing-customer-5.svg

RFID Solutions for Transport and Logistics

Gain Business Visibility with Advanced Tracking حلولنا

Transport and logistics plays a crucial and increasingly important role in today’s connected economy. End customers expect super-fast last mile deliveries and the ability to track their order in real-time. Frequentiel’s item-level tracking solutions combine the best of RFID, barcode, voice interface and IoT technologies to boost reliability in your logistics operations and secure a competitive edge.

Icon for

In the warehouse and fulfillment center

  • Enhance the reliability of order preparation, picking and expediting processes.
  • Optimize stock management for better resource utilization.
  • Eliminate or simplify manual processes.
Icon for

Order preparation

  • Efficient picking
  • Scanning of parcels and consignments
  • Perform swift counts and bulk updates.
Icon for

Shipping Enhancement

  • Accurate parcel scanning
  • Photo based incident logging
  • Bulk updates
Icon for

In Transit

  • Boost tracking and visibility of delivery processes.
  • Optimize routing and productivity to save time and resources.
  • Elevate customer satisfaction through timely, and accurate deliveries.
Icon for

Delivery Innovations

  • Track location and status in real-time.
  • Electronic signature for secure deliveries.
  • Photo-based incident logging.
Icon for

Wireless Network Infrastructure

  • Wi-Fi / On-site audits.
  • precise installation and cabling management
  • Support and maintenance to keep networks running smoothly.
Icon for


  • Auditing and consulting for voice tech optimization.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • Comprehensive user training and support
Icon for

Terminals and Devices

  • Mobile devices
  • Embedded hardware
  • Printing solutions
Our customers in Logistics and Transportation
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-5.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-6.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-7.svg
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-5.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-6.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-logistic-customer-7.svg

RFID Solutions for Healthcare and Pharma

Gain Peace of Mind with Item-Level Tracking

Healthcare and pharmaceutical are heavily regulated sectors in which patient safety, hygiene, accuracy and reliability are critical. Patients, personnel, goods, supplies, equipment and facilities must be accurately monitored in real-time and in all locations to ensure the most predictable processes and the safest outcomes. Frequentiel brings deep expertise in systems integration, implementing RFID, RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems), and LoRa-based applications across various healthcare environments.

Icon for

Patient Tracking

  • Reliably match patients with treatment plans and medical histories.
  • Enforce protocols and checklists to maintain standards.
  • Offer real-time geolocation and indoor location.
  • Prioritize Data security and privacy.
  • Simplify accounting and billing.
Icon for

Medical Equipment Asset Management

  • Manage end-to-end lifecycle and availability of valuable specialized medical equipment.
  • Reduce loss and maximize utilization
  • Ensure hygiene and regular maintenance.
  • Alerting systems.
  • Detailed reports and analytics.
Icon for

Supplies, Blood and Tissues Bank Tracking

  • Physical labeling for traceability.
  • Monitor and trace (cold chain, shelf life, etc.)
  • Ensure availability and proper storage of critical supplies.
  • Enforce protocols.
Icon for

Batch production (drugs/cosmetics)

  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Quality control.
  • Anti-counterfeit measures to protect brand identity.
Icon for

Supply chain management in retail pharmaceuticals

  • Intraday replenishment of vital drugs and medical supplies
  • Track and trace shipping crates
  • Billing management.
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics
Icon for

Facilities and Campus Management

  • Physical security and access control to sensitive areas.
  • Shift management for operational continuity.
  • Usage analytics to optimize facility management and resource allocation.
Our customers in Healthcare and Pharma
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-5.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-6.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-7.svg
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-2.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-3.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-4.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-5.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-6.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-healthcare-customer-7.svg

RFID Solutions for the Service Sector

Boost Your Customer Experience

Ensuring an elite customer experience is the core of the service sector. Real-time tracking of teams and assets makes it possible to gain visibility into processes, so that they can be optimized and made more reliable. In the service sector, item-level tracking projects made possible by RFID technology significantly boost customer satisfaction and profitability.

Icon for

Asset Management Capabilities

  • Fleet and facilities management for operational readiness.
  • Leasing and ownership transfer handeling (franchise operations, etc.)
Icon for

Personal Tracking حلولنا

  • Ensure facilities, campus and construction site access control.
  • Provide indoor location (campus, shopping malls)
Icon for

Maintenance and Service Management

  • Service call tracking and planning for improved response times.
  • Alerts systems and detailed reports

Unlock Efficiency Without Breaking the Bank: Discover Why Frequentiel Is Surprisingly Affordable!

تواصل معنا

RFID Solutions for Quick Service Restaurants

Provide a Remarkable Dining Experience with RFID Table Service

Quick service restaurants are always looking for ways to provide a remarkable customer experience. Long waits in line to order, servers trying to locate the right tables, cooks losing time in the kitchen correcting orders — these are just some of the typical challenges every quick service restaurant faces. Frequentiel offers a complete RFID-based solution to empower restaurant owners to swiftly provide table service through remote RFID table location.

Icon for

Real Time RFID Customers Location

Frequentiel’s RFID-based table service solution elevate your customers experience withe the following steps:
  • Customers place their orders at a self-service kiosk upon entering.
  • They then receive an RFID card or table tent.
  • In the kitchen, staff promptly prepare the order.
  • As customers sit at their tables, their locations are displayed on employees’ screens.
  • Staff can then quickly locate the customer, deliver the order, and retrieve the RFID card or table tent.
Icon for

Fast Implementation

Our experienced team studies a restaurant’s layout, operations and technical needs to present a tailored proposal for an innovative RFID table service solution. We can install the entire solution within a single business day — all without interrupting daily business operations. There is no need for restaurants to upgrade their current software systems.

Immediate ROI

Datascan rfid-for-restaurant-sec2-1.svg
Restaurant owners
  • Serve more customers efficiently.
  • Enhance focus on customer service and needs.
Datascan rfid-for-restaurant-sec2-2.svg
  • Save time by quickly locating seated customers.
  • Experience less stress and fewer errors, leading to improved job satisfaction.
Datascan rfid-for-restaurant-sec2-3.svg
  • Enjoy reduced wait times as orders are delivered directly to their tables.
  • Stay comfortable and stress-free while waiting, enhancing overall satisfaction.
Our customers in F&B
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-f&b-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-f&b-customer-2.svg
Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-f&b-customer-1.svg Icon for /images/icons/frequentiel/rfid-for-f&b-customer-2.svg