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Stocktake/Cycle counts scheduler and tracker

Discover the future of inventory management with Dart Vader, your one-stop shop for flawless inventory and project management app. Simplify your inventory counts across operational, financial, and HR dimensions. Dart Vader offers a 360° view of your inventory in real time, ensuring every aspect of inventory control is covered under one roof. From full inventory counts and cycle counts to fixture tagging and floor planning, our solution integrates seamlessly with any ERP/WMS.

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Get the full vision of what has been done and has to be done within your business unit, % of completion, % of discrepancies, ABC product ranking to prioritize the next counts… Inform your staff of their assignment & chnages live via their mobile.

2 Main Components for our management app



  • Schedule your counts
  • visualize per location/calendar/list/brand…
  • Assign the staff, see their
    availability, time-offs…
  • Chat with the team
  • receive the closing report after each count
  • visualize the results in the BI dashbord
  • Get a product ABC ranking based on risks


Employees can see:
  • Their schedule (date/location)
  • Count location (GPS guidance)
  • Chat with the team (auto receive updates/changes)
  • Driver specific screen (staff pickup locations)

Accessible from

Web Browser


Why DARTVADER is important for your stock control management?

Managing counts and cycle counts is complex as it involvs differnet department so you need a dedicated project management app for this. DartVader is your all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates operational, financial, and HR functionalities.

List of our stock control app features


Datascan Stocktake Industry - Schedule your counts icon

Schedule your counts

DartVader makes scheduling a breeze. Whether it’s manual planning, routine sequence or Excel uploads, you can easily plan, edit, drag & drop dates directly on your calendar. Flag per location the blackout days, completed stocktake…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Visualize per location/calendar/list/brand... icon

Visualize per location/calendar/list/brand…

Visualize your schedules on a kanban board, calendar, or map for a comprehensive overview. Each manager sees only his zone/stores…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Assign the staff, see their availability, time-offs... icon

Assign the staff, see their availability, time-offs…

Assignment of people can be manual, Excel load or automated with our algorithm: it can assign automatically the staff based on your rules (frequency, priority of staff, based on speed, availability…)

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Chat with the team icon

Chat with the team

Connect seamlessly with a unified chatting channels. Chat or meet in group or individual chats and streamline communication. Broadcast announcements with ease per group, ensuring effective interactions across all the stakeholders. End users receive message or email…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Receive the closing report after each count icon

Receive the closing report after each count

Digitalized post-count summary and store manager feedback, complete with secure electronic signatures.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Visualize the results in the BI dashbord icon

Visualize the results in the BI dashbord

Based on the counts results, you have deep insights about the discrepancies (organized by type, categories, location, ABC…) You can visualize on a dashboard which store (or items categories) are still to be counted.


Datascan Stocktake Industry - See your individual schedule (date/location) icon

See your individual schedule (date/location)

Each employee receives on his mobile his schedule (on a calendar) with count location (and pickup location if any)

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Count location (GPS guidance) icon

Count location (GPS guidance)

Clicking on the location, the employee will have the GPS triggered for guidance. If a staff pickup is organized, employee will receive the meeting point location.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Chat with the team (auto receive updates/changes) icon

Chat with the team (auto receive updates/changes)

Any change on the schedule will automatically trigger a message to all the assignees. Each employee can reply back/acknowledge

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Drive-specific screen (staff pickup locations) icon

Drive-specific screen (staff pickup locations)

If a driver is assigned to collect all operators, he will receive the various pickup points for his route, it will be displayed on the GPS of his mobile. (with contact details of the team members)

Count more often and Count better

Take control of your inventory with DartVader Stock control app!



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  • We will give you te access to the webpage backend and give the link to load the app (or webpage) into your mobiles
  • we will evaluate if you need us to plug the count results directly to your ERP/WMS
  • our system is already integrated with Datascan and Frequentiel stocktake apps (Barcode and RFID)

Datascan Stocktake Industry - PREPARE YOUR APP icon


Load your store master and staff master

Datascan Stocktake Industry - START SCHEDULING YOUR STOCK TAKES icon


Schedule and assign the stake holders Track the results live