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Through its unique Solution-as-a-Service model, Datascan provides a range of  industry leading Self-Scan or fully outsourced inventory Solutions, all developed with the objective of  transforming raw inventory data into valuable, actionable information through cloud based software.



Equipment delivered to store, ready to scan
Year-round planning support & 24/7 global customer service
Works over Wi-Fi (we also provide 4G router)


No Capital Expense required: use only what you need
System-generated audits with fail-proof safeguards
Ergonomic design for quick scanning
Quicker post-count recovery, saving valuable time
Our counting staff know your business (in-house retail specialized teams)


Use Self-Scan to perform multiple stock taking types: complete store, cycle counts, store set-up...

Scan stores on your schedule (with your or our staff)

Configure the software to meet your needs

Real time reporting: monitor and react, anticipate for next time


Reduce Count time


Decrease reconciliation time


Cut labor and inventory expenses


Maintenance and support


Step-by-Step Direction

  • Online Portal include Navigation Tabs
  • Training Provided
  • Webinars, Online Videos, tailored documents

Live Monitoring

  • Supervisor can monitor every stage
  • Datascan Mobile App

Online Portal Controls

  • Role-based access
  • Employee tracking & reporting
  • Granular count data

SOP based alerts

  • Progress Email Alerts
  • Exception- based email alerts

What good is a complete inventory count if you can't understand the results?

2. Our scanners

  • Quick barcode capture

  • Wireless data transmission for real-time reporting

  • Digital photo image capture of high-value areas, audits or other compliance

  • User-friendly application with familiar icons and features

  • Full color touchscreens – just like the mobile phones your staff use everyday

  • Dual trigger for continuous, comfortable scanning

  • Onscreen and physical keyboards for optimal keyed entry

  • 24 hour in-use battery life – no charging and no changing of batteries


4. Our reporting tool

  • Inventory Summary: Monitor store progress throughout the count
  • Research Reports: View productivity, accuracy and exceptions
  • Static PDF Variance – Displays all items with at least one unit variance, sorted by highest unit variance
  • Count files are available immediately post-close on the Dart web portal

Top 4 benefits of DATASCAN

1. Our solution

  • Flexibility & Convenience
  • Combined approaches across Regions
  • Print Fixture Tags from Web Application
  • Future Proof
  • Easy migration from traditional model
  • All count data in a single repository

3. Our software

  • Real-time insight into field activities

  • Ability to monitor shipments, counts on mobile devices

  • Lists all active counts

  • Navigate between Pre-Count, Count and Post Count tabs

  • Blocks operator in case of wrong doing (unexisting barcode scanned, fake Q entering...)

  • Count Status displays key metrics by store

    • Store Status
    • Fixtures Counted
    • Total Units Counted
    • % Audited