Simple And Accurate Inventory Management And Counting Solutions

Say goodbye to the old way of counting inventory. With Datascan’s ALL-IN-ONE INVENTORY TRACKING SOLUTION, you can spend less time tracking your inventory and more time serving customers and growing your business.

Inventory management doesn’t have to slow you down. Altavant offers a complete suite of Datascan services, from full-service inventory counts to easy-to-use self-service scanners for quick and flexible inventory counts.

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With our leading technology and expert support staff, you’ll have an accurate view of your inventory without the headache and stress of traditional counts.

Datascan solution - Full service counts icon

Full service counts

Providing inventory tracking software, analytics, scanners and staff

Datascan solution - Easy-to-use scanners icon

Easy-to-use scanners

Rent our barcode scanners with fast shipping

Datascan solution - Real-time inventory-tracking software icon

Real-time inventory-tracking software

Connect all of your locations to our best-in-class stock count software

Datascan solution - Enhanced Data Analytics icon

Enhanced Data Analytics

Compiles crucial pieces of data, including patterns and trends, and puts them together in easy-to-understand visuals.

Datascan solution - On-the-go mobile app icon

On-the-go mobile app

Monitor your inventory-tracking progress from anywhere

Datascan solution - RFID Technology icon

RFID Technology

Improve your inventory accuracy and speed with new RFID tracking

Datascan solution - 24/7 Customer Support icon

24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated Altavant customer success manager will support and guide you through all of your counts

Datascan solution - Cycle Count icon

Cycle Count

Easily tally and schedule your stock categories with convenience.

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries?

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Enhanced Accuracy icon

Enhanced Accuracy

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Audits with safe guards icon

Audits with safe guards

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Optimal Stock Control icon

Optimal Stock Control

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Cost Savings icon

Cost Savings

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Hundreds of realtime reports icon

Hundreds of realtime reports

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Enhanced Customer Experience icon

Enhanced Customer Experience

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Data-Driven Insights icon

Data-Driven Insights

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Less unfulfilled online orders icon

Less unfulfilled online orders

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Less in-store shrinkages icon

Less in-store shrinkages

Why DATASCAN is important for the retail and stock management industries - Fully integrated with your ERP icon

Fully integrated with your ERP

Discover How Cycle Counting Revolutionizes Store Management, Safeguarding Your Products and Supercharging Your Success!

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Quantity Counting icon

Quantity Counting

Stores can divide their inventory into manageable subsets based on factors such as SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), product type, or location.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Categorical Counting icon

Categorical Counting

Stores can also organize their cycle counting efforts based on categories or product types. This involves grouping similar items together for counting purposes.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Flexible Scheduling icon

Flexible Scheduling

Cycle counting allows for flexible scheduling, enabling businesses to conduct counts during off-peak hours or periods of low activity, minimizing disruption to daily operations.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Real-Time Visibility icon

Real-Time Visibility

By regularly counting subsets of inventory, businesses gain real-time visibility into their stock levels, enabling them to make informed decisions about purchasing, stocking, and sales strategies.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Error Identification icon

Error Identification

Cycle counting helps identify errors in inventory records, such as data entry mistakes or discrepancies between physical counts and recorded quantities, allowing businesses to rectify these issues promptly.

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Process Standardization icon

Process Standardization

Implementing cycle counting involves establishing standardized procedures for inventory auditing, ensuring consistency and accuracy across different locations or departments within the business.

See how we do Stocktakes

Fully outsourced inventory count

Selfscan Stocktake

Count more often and Count better

Take control of your inventory with our various formulas that adapts to your SOPs and budget.

Count more often and Count better - Fully Outsourced icon

Fully Outsourced

Our software, our scanners, our counting staff

Count more often and Count better - Self Scan icon

Self Scan

Our software and our devices (pay as you go or rent per year)

Count more often and Count better - SAAS (Cycle Counts) icon

SAAS (Cycle Counts)

Our software, your devices and your team

Our consultants have an extended experience in stock counting so, we also offer consultancy on the best practices in order to help you improving your SOPs and get better stock reliability in the future.

Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan


Phase 1

Comprehensive Audit

Dive deep into your inventory with our full outsourced counting and barcode scanning. We scrutinize every detail to pinpoint discrepancies, setting a solid foundation for precision and future success.

Phase 2

Empowerment & Precision

With the ground work laid, you can empower your team and own you data, and shift to Self-Scan. Our simplified stock count Software and intuitive tools support your shift to proactive inventory cycle counting, enabling precise, user-driven inventory management.

Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan - Complete and Cycle Counts Icon
Complete and Cycle Counts
Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan - Count using your own devices Icon
Count using your own devices
Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan - Saas Icon
Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan - Scanner renting (yearly) Icon
Scanner renting (yearly)
Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan - Item inbound/outbound Icon
Item inbound/outbound
Transform Your Inventory Management with Datascan - Supplemental Staffing Icon
Supplemental Staffing




See how Datascan can make your inventory counts easier. We’ll provide a personalized consultation of the best features for you.



We’ll help you decide how many scanners you need and send them to you loaded and ready to go. The ordering process is simple so you can spend more time in your store and less time managing inventory.



Our powerful scanners come ready to work. With no learning curve, start counting and monitoring your inventory with real-time data.

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Datascan Customers

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From retail to manufacturing, logistics to healthcare, DATASCAN’s versatile solutions adapt seamlessly to diverse niches, delivering comprehensive inventory counting solutions for every industry

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Retail Stocktakes icon

Retail Stocktakes

Retail is our specialty since day one. We know how to count and stay the less invasive and as respec…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Warehouse Stocktakes icon

Warehouse Stocktakes

We give you a precise idea about where the item has been found per BIN/pallet/carton ID. We can ente…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Cosmetics & Beauty Stocktakes icon

Cosmetics & Beauty Stocktakes

Our safe guard and cheater proof system make sure that each and every item is properly scan and avoi…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Jewelry Stocktakes icon

Jewelry Stocktakes

You can trust the expertise and careful team to handle your products safely. You can track your inve…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Electronic & Appliances Stocktakes icon

Electronic & Appliances Stocktakes

As specialists in inventory tracking for electronic devices and home appliances, we utilize our adva…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - FMCG Stocktakes icon

FMCG Stocktakes

Unlock the full potential of online barcode scanning with our meticulously curated selection of feat…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Automotive Stocktakes icon

Automotive Stocktakes


Datascan Stocktake Industry - Pharmaceuticals Stocktakes icon

Pharmaceuticals Stocktakes

With Datascan inventory management solution, you can monitor items per location/BIN/Container and tr…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Stationary, Toys, Books & Gift Stocktakes icon

Stationary, Toys, Books & Gift Stocktakes

We provide tailored pricing options for bulk scanning of identical SKUs, specifically designed to su…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Hardware Stocktakes icon

Hardware Stocktakes

We assist in maintaining precise inventory records of an extensive array of items, including tools, …

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Furniture Stocktakes icon

Furniture Stocktakes

For your furniture and homeware stocktakes, we offer the perfect solution. Our team of specialists i…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Manufacturing Stocktakes icon

Manufacturing Stocktakes

Zi, specificities of We know how to adapt to your manufacturing specificities managing lot/batches, …

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Luxury Stocktakes icon

Luxury Stocktakes

We count for the most prestigious fashion brands in the world, for this we have a dedicated team who…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Health & Medical, Fitness Stocktakes icon

Health & Medical, Fitness Stocktakes

Do you stock health and wellness supplies, medical equipment, or gym gear? Look no further. We speci…

Datascan Stocktake Industry - Eye Wear Stocktakes icon

Eye Wear Stocktakes

Recognizing the unique demands of eyewear products, we offer a wealth of experience and expertise to…


Elevate your administrative capabilities with DATASCAN’s robust feature set, empowering you to efficiently manage and optimize your inventory operations with ease.

Datascan Admin Feature - Dashboard Overview icon

Dashboard Overview

Access a comprehensive overview of inventory data, performance metrics, and key insights at a glance…

Datascan Admin Feature - User Management icon

User Management

Easily manage user accounts, permissions, and access levels to ensure secure and efficient collabora…

Datascan Admin Feature - Inventory Management icon

Inventory Management

Streamline inventory management tasks such as adding, editing, and removing inventory items, as well…

Datascan Admin Feature - Reporting and Analytics icon

Reporting and Analytics

Generate detailed reports and analytics on inventory performance, trends, and forecasting to inform …

Datascan Admin Feature - Alert and Notification System icon

Alert and Notification System

Set up alerts and notifications for inventory thresholds, stock outs, or other critical events to st…

Datascan Admin Feature - Integration Capabilities icon

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with other business systems, such as ERP or CRM platforms, to ensure data consi…

Datascan Admin Feature - Customization Options icon

Customization Options

Tailor the Admin interface to suit your unique business needs, with customizable dashboards, layouts…

Datascan Admin Feature - Audit Trail icon

Audit Trail

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all inventory-related activities and transactions for compli…

Datascan Admin Feature - Mobile Accessibility icon

Mobile Accessibility

Access the Admin interface on the go via mobile devices, allowing for convenient management and moni…

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