IoT for Pharmaceutical Industry

Nova Vector has deployed the platform and installed smart cameras for people detection. Platform is connected to the machines in product packaging section. The system is providing real-time insight into machine and people utilization.

Challenges and objectives

  • Enables real time insight into usage and efficiency of the production lines, machine operator teams and maintenance crews in real time.
  • Integration with PLC, HMI, ERP, WMS, DWH...
  • Remote Support and Task Management
  • Employee Utilization Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Environment Monitoring


  • Edge Computing
  • Advance Analytics and Realtime Reporting
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Logistics
  • Camera & RFID Tracking
  • Micro Stoppage Tracking
  • LoRa Button Integration

Qualitative results

  • Using built-in API, Nova Vector platform can integrate with ERP, WMS, and other software systems already in use by the client and help provide comprehensive overview of business processes.
  • Integrated LoRa based RFID readers and smart cameras and enables employee utilization analysis.
  • Using Production Planning Optimization Module. Our customer estimates savings of 10 engineer/days per production line per month.