RFID – Cerp Rouen

Cerp is the second largest french distributor for pharmacy products and medicines 6700 retailers, 32 000 skus managed

Challenges and objectives

  • Implement an optimized logistics management solution for cold containers. Cold containers are located inside the transport main containers.
  • Reduce cold containers losses
  • Invoice missing containers using the tracking system



  • Testing and selection of equipment
  • RFID and mobile terminals
  • Barcode and RFID readers: on conveyors and gantries
  • Hardware setup and deployment
  • PDA x 70
  • RFID Barcode Conveyors
  • RFID gantries
  • Implemented OCTO+ RFID middleware and interfaced with the customer’s IT systems
  • Design and development of the mobile application


Qualitative results

  • Implemented a mixed barcode and RFID solution interfaced with the current management software under AS400 OS
  • Deployment in 30 warehouses: 45 fixed RFID and CC readers and 70 PDAs
  • Rolloutout in production June 2013