Transforming the Inventory Experience – Brooks Brothers

“Having the stores be able to see their variance from the book count in the moment was amazing.”


  • Seek flexibility in inventory counts, departing from inconvenient third-party provider schedules.
  • Adoption of Self-Scan Innovation: Embrace a self-scan solution to simplify the inventory process.

Solution Deployed:

  • Deployment of Datascan's Self-Scan System for a modernized and efficient inventory management process.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support Service to ensure success in inventory counts and issue resolution.
  • Customizable Reporting System: Deliver a tailored reporting system, allowing client to obtain precise information for efficient inventory management.


  • Streamlined Scheduling with Flexibility and Customizable Solution According to the Requirements.
  • Self-scan solution, though initially met with skepticism, proved easy to use with custom training for store associates.
  • Real-time reporting enabled prompt issue resolution, and final shrink numbers became available within days, a significant improvement over weeks.
  • Strategic Fiscal Year Planning helps in moving inventory closer to fiscal year-end, simplifying the process, and ensuring accuracy.