Transforming the Inventory Experience – Kirkland

“Datascan has helped us implement a new counting method that strengthens our ability to sell and deliver our products to our customers.”


  • Streamline annual inventory counting.
  • Empower store associates with a self-scan process.

Solution Deployed:

  • Adoption of Datascan's cutting-edge self-scan technology for a streamlined inventory process.
  • Comprehensive Operational Support: Team provided seamless assistance, ensuring a smooth transition during implementation.
  • Utilization of Customizable Reports: Leveraging Datascan's reporting capabilities for informed decision-making in inventory management.


  • Efficiency Boost: Reduced annual inventory time from weeks to one day.

  • Smooth Transition and Store Empowerment

  • Best Practices Development and Operational Excellence: established effective "Best Practices" around inventory counting.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Customizable reporting options facilitated better planning and execution.