Transforming the Inventory Experience – Tommy Bahama

“After having initially moved to Datascan for our US stores, we are now doing inventory counts in all our international locations. It is working out very well.”


  • Enhance Control: Take charge of inventory schedules, allowing flexibility in choosing dates and times, freeing the retailer from rigid third-party services.

  • Tailored Solutions: Find a product offering customized solutions, adapting to the unique needs of each store, and adjusting to last-minute changes.

  • Accuracy Concerns: Address initial worries about accuracy with the shift to self-scan, ensuring effective equipment use and minimizing errors through comprehensive training.

Solution Deployed:

Tommy Bahama adopted Datascan's self-scan service, a revolutionary approach to inventory management. The key components of the solution included:

  • Scheduling Control: Choosing dates and times for inventory on their schedule, ensuring a tailored approach.

  • Tailored Solutions: Datascan provides flexible, customizable solutions for varied retail needs, accommodating changes.

  • Accuracy Assurance: Overcame accuracy concerns through Datascan's exceptional training, real-time data flow, and 24/7 support.


  • Enhanced Control Over Inventory Scheduling: Client gained the freedom to select dates and times for inventory counts, aligning with their operational needs.

  • Improved Accuracy and Training: Overcame initial accuracy concerns with Datascan's excellent training and real-time data flow, ensuring a smooth transition to self-scan.

  • Streamlined International Processes: Implementing self-scan across all stores, including international locations, proved to be efficient, requiring minimal preparation time and simple training.

  • Stress-Free Inventory Experience: Working with Datascan provided a hassle-free inventory experience, characterized by easy scheduling, on-time delivery of equipment, comprehensive training, and proactive support.