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Better customer experience , In-store/in-warehouse fast product localization , Fast checkout at POS: no more hard tags, no more scans . Showing availability in other stores real time.

RFID Benefits In Retail and Distribution

Before RFID

  • 63% Inventory Accuracy
  • 64.6% Customer Satisfaction
  • 16.5% Store out-of-stock
  • 17.8% Shrinkage
  • 8.9% Profit Margin

After RFID

  • 95% Inventory Accuracy
  • 71.7% Customer Satisfaction
  • 9.8% Store out-of-stock
  • 11.8% Shrinkage
  • 14.3% Profit Margin

Our Solution Features


Smart reception, Inventory, Real time product location, Automatic restock, Picking list for Click and Collect, POS, Antitheft, Smart fitting rooms


Tagging, Shipping

Warehouse / Factory

Tagging, Receiving / Shipping, Inventory, Picking

Head Quarter

Reporting and Business Analytics, Central Stock Management

All you need for RFID Success, Under One Roof

Software Backend

Scalable software foundation designed to track billions of items.

Employee App Octo+

The mobile app allows your employees to sell everything, everywhere, control WH inventories, locate items, receive or ship… 

Professional Services

Our retail, systems integration and radio technology experts are here to speed deployment of your RFID system. 

Hardware Services 

Let us recommend the best equipment for your RFID solution, and then finance or manage all your hardware. 

We help you to calculate your Business Case and ROI

4. Reliable omnichannel Services

“Search & Pick < 2 min”

  • Entire network of stock open to all customers: even the stores inventory, not only the central warehouse
  • 99% accuracy delivering on promises: as your displayed accurate quantities
  • Stores as mini distribution centers: real-time click and collect or Ship-from-store
  • Live item reservation from web orders: real time staff notification
  • Online/Offline connected experience


5. Customer Satisfaction

“85% abandon a purchase without prompt assistance”


Better customer experience
  • In-store/in-warehouse fast product localization
  • Fast checkout at POS: no more hard tags, no more scans
  • Showing availability in other stores real time


Stock visibility / Reservation live
Collection time
Transaction time


6. Loss/shrinkage prevention

“17.8% > 11.8%”

  • RFID labels can function as security tags
  • Prevents theft both customer and employee (can be gate alarms or silent notification on security guard mobile with item description)
  • Supplies accurate data on shrinkage
  • Reduce labor cost of adding and removing traditional security tags





- manage your assets with RFID or classic barcode

- easy stock take with PDA

- search-mode activated to localize a specific item

- easy relocation of the item (if displaced)

- easy association Classic label-RFID tag

        (no encoding, reusable)

- report with discrepancies pushed to your ERP

Top 6 Retail Needs Solved by our RFID


1. Stock Reliability & Restocking

“Cuts cycle count times by 96%”
Barcode - one item at a time
RFID - hundreds of items at once


Quick and efficient stock take
Stock reliability > 95%
  • 100 of items read in 1 second
  • Several feet distance read
  • Count through boxes and containers
  • Increase stock take occurrence
  • Each item has unique ID - read once

2. Operational KPIs

“Speed is key”:
RFID allows your staff to focus on customer assistance

Operational KPIs insights
  • Optimal replenishment times and quantities
  • Provides real-time replenishment alerts (avoid NOSBOS situations)
  • New KPI’s for fitting room conversion rates
  • Fraud identification on eCommerce, grey market and consumer claims
  • Because you do regular stock take
  • Because you have the exact last seen location
  • Because you have the right product at the right location
  • Because no more NOSBOS situations

3. Fast and accurate logistic operations

40 sec > 3 sec
Receptions or transfers made in seconds!

  • Exception-based scanning and goods receiving processes
  • Acceleration of inbound or outbound goods processing
  • Expiry date or FIFO management