How can DATASCAN help businesses achieve stock accuracy?

Posted on August 15, 2023
Stock take does not have to be complicated anymore. Through DATASCAN’S, technologies, and services with our specialized expertise, here are several ways we can contribute to improving your stock accuracy:
  • Professional Stocktaking Services

DATASCAN employs trained and experienced staff who are skilled in conducting accurate physical inventory counts. Our expertise ensures that stock counts are done thoroughly and efficiently, reducing the chances of errors and discrepancies.
  • Advanced Technologies

DATASCAN often utilizes advanced technologies such as RFID, or barcode scanners, to streamline the stocktaking process. These technologies enable faster and more accurate data capture, minimizing manual intervention and human errors.
  • Data Validation and Auditing

DATASCAN performs data validation and auditing to identify and rectify discrepancies between physical stock and recorded inventory levels. Through rigorous auditing, you are ensured that stock records align with actual stock on hand.
  • Real-Time Monitoring

DATASCAN offers continuous stock monitoring solutions that use sensors or smart shelves. These technologies provide real-time updates on inventory movement, helping businesses maintain accurate stock levels at all times.
  • Inventory Management Software

DATASCAN also provides inventory management software that integrates with your existing systems. Such software offers features like real-time reporting, demand forecasting, and automated stock reconciliation, contributing to improved stock accuracy.
  • NOS-BOS Situations

DATASCAN allows you to receive alerts and reports if one item has been seen in BOH (back of house) and is not on the display area.
  • Data Analysis and Insights

By analyzing stock data, DATASCAN provides valuable insights into inventory patterns, sales trends, and areas for optimization. These insights support data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. It also allows you to be in anticipation instead of reaction, thanks to the predictive analysis with DATASCAN’s embedded AI algorithms.
  • Process Improvement

DATASCAN can evaluate your existing stock control processes and recommend improvements. This may involve suggesting changes to inventory management practices or implementing technology-driven solutions for enhanced accuracy.
  • Expert Advice and Training

DATASCAN can offer expert advice and training to your staff on best practices for stock management and accurate counting techniques. This empowers the business to maintain stock accuracy in the long term.
  • Periodic Stock Audits

DATASCAN can conduct periodic audits to assess the effectiveness of the business’s stock management practices and ensure ongoing accuracy.

Say GOODBYE to one-size-fits-all inventory solutions.

We tailor solutions that meet your unique requirements. By leveraging the expertise and solutions provided by DATASCAN, you can significantly improve your stock accuracy, leading to more efficient operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and better decision-making capabilities. At Altavant, as one and only official partner of DATASCAN in all over GCC and Europe, we help retailers achieve stock accuracy by counting more frequently. Now, you can experience the effortless stock take with real-time visibility. Get in touch with us to learn more.